• Solider Hollow (map)
  • Soldier Hollow Lane
  • Midway, UT, 84049
  • United States

This will be the forth showing at the Solider Hollow. Once again, this will venue will make Sven contemplate a DNF just due to the face melting awesomness. Dont get caught sight seeing as the views are USDA top choice Grade A, Vegan, PETA approved, Gluten Free and 100% organic. Bring your stoke and be prepared to have it elevated to an easy 20 out of 10.

Course is Open to pre ride at 4:45pm
Kids race ( FREE courtesy of Bikes for Kids - Utah ) 5:15pm
B's/Women/ Highschool - 5:30pm ( 40 min race ) 
A's (50+ min race) and C's (30+ min race) 6:10pm

TONIGHT IS LADIES NIGHT... HEEEEYYYYYYYYY girl, HEYYYYYYYYY! Ladies race for FREE and DNA Cycling is kicking down a $500 purse for the top 5!!! On top of that, they will be throwing down all the raffle prizes for the night. 

Immediately following the race, a soiree will be held at the Solider Hollow Lodge just above the course for the end of year awards as well as end of year raffle and Reynolds Wheel give away!!! 




  1. an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.

1 time $5 number fee for all racers. 
$20 per race . Cash or Check ONLY day of Reg

*** All racers under 18 racing in the Kids race or High-school division will race for FREE compliments of Bikes 4 Kids - Utah. Any youth rider wanting to race in A,B,C or Women's flight will have to Pay.