• Solider Hollow (map)
  • Soldier Hollow Lane
  • Midway, UT, 84049
  • United States

On the 27th day of September, two thousand and seventeen, P-Town Cross will enter what is hopefully a forever home in Solider Hollow. Solider Hollow is better known for hosting events such as the Weekly MTB Race Series, Tough Mudders, NICA races and that little event in 2002 also known as the Olympics. The venue has it all and is guarenteed to make your lungs bleed. The venue is excited to have some CX hosted here so be ready to party and show them just how rad cyclocross is!

Slim & Knobby's Bike shop which is Heber Valley's Local bike shop will be the nights sponsor! They will be providing millions of pesos in swag and prizes. They will be out in full force to help support the event and bring the cycling community together. beacuse... United,We Stand. Divided, We Fall.


Course is Open to pre ride at 4:45pm

Kids race ( FREE courtesy of Bikes for Kids - Utah ) 5:15pm

B's/Women/ High-school - 5:30pm ( 40 min race )

A's (50+ min race) and C's (30+ min race) 6:10pm

***********  1 time $5 number fee for all racers. ************

$20 per race . Cash or Check ONLY day of Reg

*** All racers under 18 racing in the Kids race or High-school division will race for FREE compliments of Bikes 4 Kids - Utah. Any youth rider wanting to race in A,B,C or Women's flight will have to pay.