Race #2 marked our first visit to our new venue at the Provo Boat Harbor. The new location proved to be a great course with sand pits, our flyover, and spectacular views of the Wasatch. We had an amazing turnout and hope to see even more racers at this weeks race in South Jordan.

Before we get to the results, a quick note on race numbers. Yes pinning numbers is new for many of us. This past week we saw a lot of numbers pinned on the wrong side, upside down, or not pinned properly resulting in us not being able to read the numbers. Here are a few pointers.

  1. 9 times out of 10 numbers will be pinned on the right side. Always ask which side the number should be on when you register.
  2. Pin the number above the right jersey pocket as seen above. If it is in the center of the back it is to hard to read from the side of the course, and if it is pinned to far on the side of your jersey, your arm will obstructed the view.
  3. Make sure your number is not pinned upside down. The only exception is if you are given number 13.
  4. Use 6-8 pins. One pin for each corner as well as pins on the sides. This prevents folding over of numbers and also the parachute effect, keeping the number flat on your back. See the example above on how to properly pin a number.

This week lets help each other out. See someone with the number pinned on incorrectly? Let them know and help a fellow 'cross racer out.

Now for the results.