With your help, we kept P-Town Cross alive for another season. Now help us make it even better! Please take this survey and let us know what we did right, what we totally tripped up on, and how we can make the series more fun, competitive, and successful in 2020.

2019 P-Town Cross Survey

We said that season points/rankings only count for bragging rights this year, since the 2019 season was short. But we know how many of you are are curious as to how you stack up to your nemeses or just like seeing your name in a spreadsheet. Here is an unofficial season rankings list based on the 4 races. Anyone who raced each event or attempted to is ranked above anyone who has attended just 3 races, and then 2, then one race. Lots of ties—those are listed in arbitrary order. Thanks for racing with us!

2019 Racer Rankings