What a fun night of racing! Thanks for coming up to Soldier Hollow!

Before we get to results, we’d like your opinion on a possible schedule change for DNA Cycling Race #4 at Euclid Timber. It is getting too dark far too early for riders to be on the course during the A wave without lights. To help make racing safer and more fun (and increase results accuracy), which would you prefer for next week:

1) B start wave begins at 5:30; A start wave begins at 6:20pm

2) B start wave begins at 5:30, but races for 35min (instead of 40); A start wave begins at 6:15pm

3) We'll all bring our lights and yell our numbers as we pass and keep everything the same.

4) Something else awesome.
Email me your thoughts, or comment on one of the social media posts!

I’ll post the final schedule by noon on Thursday, 10/17.

OK! Now for the fun: RESULTS.

Read carefully and email me any issues you see by Friday at 9am. Results will be considered final then and submitted to CrossResults.com shortly thereafter.

Can’t wait to see you next week for our final race of 2019!

Assos Race #3 RESULTS