Based on everyone’s feedback for adjusting our final night of racing’s schedule, here’s what we’ve come up with. Can’t wait to see you all for one last 2019 hurrah at Euclid Timber:

NEW! Race Night Schedule: (UPDATES IN BOLD!)

4:30-5:29= Registration, practice laps

5:15 = Kids 10- Free mini lap (10min)

35 MIN for ALL:
5:30: B
5:31: Junior 18 - (Finishes on B's final lap)
5:32: C (Finishes on B's final lap)

6:07ish-6:14= practice lap

40 MIN for ALL

6:15: A
6:16: Women A/B/C (Finishes on A's final lap)
6:17: Single Speed (Finishes on A's final lap)

Raffle 7:00pm